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Turin Brake's New EP

Reviewed by Elizabeth Murphy

Turin Brakes new album, Outburst, is composed of twelve tracks from one of the most tranquil collection of tunes you’ll hear this year. The two members, Olly Knights and Gale Paridjanian from London, work together to create an amazingly smooth sounding album. The first few tracks, like all the songs on Outburst carry a folk and pop sounding essence. The song, “Sea Change”, begins with the vibrating sounds of the strings of a acoustic guitar being strung rapidly. The song’s lyrics, “One thousand backs against the wall, now do we walk or run?” expresses how unity can overcome intimidating situations. These lyrics are also very encouraging as it promotes the idea that there is strength in numbers, and most importantly, that people have it within to stand up for their beliefs.

Other songs like, “Mirror,” “Paper Heart,” and “Invitation” are the perfect examples of “lovey dovey” relationship songs. You know, the ones that make you want to call up multiple radio station to keep requesting that they play them. These are the type of songs you would expect to hear seep into a scene during the part of a romantic comedy where the guy gets girl.

“Invitation,” which is personally my favorite, is a wistful sounding song that begins, “I hail from an old fashion dream. I never cared about making the scene…” The singer’s raspy voice gives the song a kind of sex appeal that drew me in as the dreamy tunes swept me away. I bought into everything this album sold to my ears: its originality, its folkish kind of sex appeal, and the inspiring and romantic words each song carried. The combination of inspirational lyrics and equally engaging beats makes this song, as well as the other songs on this album, simply enjoyable.

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