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Art and Performance Bash
Saturday, May 29, 2010
Red Lotus Room
893 Bergen Street, Brooklyn
(Between Classon and Franklin)



Photographed by Daniel Perry

Opposite Photo: Soigne Deluxe

Muffinhead and Eric Schmalenberger hosted a party titled BANZAI!!!!!!!!!! Art and Performance Bash on Memorial Day Weekend. There was art on the walls and art walking the floors as New York City's mobile billboards of fab strutted their stuff.

Here is a quote from the Facebook page for the event: "Returning for round two, Banzai!!!!! is THEE art and performance bash that brings together the best of nightlife, performance and modern art in a mix of crazed, inspired uproar. With over 50 of the most WOWtastic artists from all over the New York creative scene, one can only imagine the sort of delicious delights that await our bashful Brooklyn in this ultra-special Memorial Day hyperfun soiree. (Every bit as hot as the last and twice as juicy.)

Aiming to immediately disrupt the context in which viewers can experience art and performance, !Muffinhead and Eric Schmalenberger work to bring together some of the most innovative and enjoyable masterminds in the art world of today. There is no hierarchy of media here and anyone willing to travel to the limits of their imagination or beyond has a home. More then just an art event or a performance event, BANZAI!!!!! cross-pollinates the best aspects of the creative community and allows them to infect, affect, effect, and deflect one another. This evening promises to bring you art dynamics, intergalactic modern dance, sexy hermaphrodite strip tease, “nerdcore” hip-hop, powerful kitten magic, overly glamorous light shows and a whole mess-load of ferocious gender bent realness.

Climaxing with an eclectic dance party courtesy of very special guest DJ Michael Cavadias (Lily of the Valley) BANZAI!!!!! is a big bang on red hot roller skates and the main reason you probably won't be back at work."

New York Cool photographer Daniel Perry was on hand and he took these images. Enjoy!

Eric Schmalenberger and Muffinhead with Party Guest

Sara Bender, Julia Biscuits and Elena Kanagy-Loux

Zev David Dean with Lisa Orban

Lainie Dalby
P.J. Linden Nicholas Gorham

Alie Nation




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