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Skrapper Party
Good Units at the Hudson Hotel
356 W 58th Street
April 20, 2010


Written and Photographed by
Mark Tauriello

Opposite Photo:
Bella Saona of Fire & Reason

Cole & Garrett Interior Design/Creative Group

The founder of Skrapper, William Quigley and designers Alex W. Claster and Katie Theofilos threw a fashion party at Good Units celebrating the label Skrapper Inc. Fun beats and music were provided by The Fire + Reason, and Francis Mercier. Most exciting was the outfits worn by members of Cole & Garrett. Recycled materials and neon body paint provided added excitement and energy to the party. Matthew Herra C. moved with such grace on the dance floor wearing glittery 10 inch platform boots. The Skrapper party was a mixture of fine art, performances, music, fashion, drinks, color, and more. Even the lovely fashionista, Cognac Wellerlane made an appearance. Skrapper tee shirts can be seen on

The Skrapper Group

Guisi Speranza, of Cole & Garrett Bella Saona of Fire & Reason

Cognac Wellerlane and Patricia Ann Parenti





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