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Ok Go With The Booze and
and Eytan & The Embassy
Music Hall of Williamsburg
April 30, 2010

Written by Joshua Williams
Photographed by Amy Davidson

Opposite Photo:
Damian Kulash of OK Go


So yeah yeah yeah, it’s that Band from the Video right? The You Tube thing? Hey, I’ll be the first to admit that is about all I knew of Ok Go prior to going in. Well, except for seeing them on Colbert a night or two before the show. And you know what? These guys are more than a viral video.

Damian Kulash of OK Go

They’re currently out in support of a new album, and starting their own record label in order to produce said album. Complete artistic control? DIY? Two things you can always appreciate from an artist even if it’s outside you preferred genres. As far as the songs go, Ok Go crafts good accessible slightly quirky indie pop/rock. Flaming Lips came to mind a lot, although I’m not sure why. Maybe it was the party atmosphere of the set, which started off with a bang, and carried an excellent energy level throughout their set.

So now I know more. These guys aren’t just out to be noticed on a silly viral video. They’re here to create, and they want to do it with absolute abandon. And to that, I tip my hat to them.

Chaz Tolliver of The Booze

Randy Michael and Chaz Tolliver of The Booze

Supporting Ok Go that night was The Booze. Basically, someone went back in time, kidnapped some Mod Kids from London circa 1965, and brought them to the present day to play old fashioned rock and soul. The frontman has a great set of pipes, and was constantly on the move. A little too derivative for me, BUT…they play the formula extremely extremely well, and I’m sure I would always have a good time seeing them play.

Etyan & The Embassy

Opening was Eytan & The Embassy of Brooklyn. Very good musicianship anchored by pianist/singer/leader Eytan, and supported by a host of very good musicians. Rooted in 70s soul/pop/rock, and a little bit country if you ask me. Wasn’t bad. I wished the horns had been allowed to play more instead of being relegated to the usual sideman position.

All in all, a good night for music. Until next time.

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