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Organization of Chinese Americans
2010 Dynamic Achiever
Award Gala
30th Anniversary
Double Tree Inn
Tarrytown, New York
November 13, 2010


Written by Wendy R. Williams
Photographed by Eka Halim

Opposite Photo: Zang Toi's Siser Toi Mey Mey, Zang Toi and Mama Toi

The Westchester County Chapter and Hudson Valley Branch of the Organization of Chinese Americans hosted their 2010 dynamic Achiever Award Banquet at the Double Tree Inn in Westchester on November 13, 2010. This year's honorees/featured speakers were: Zang Toi, Celebrated Fashion Designer, House of Toi, New York and Malaysia; Bill Imada, Chairman and CEO of IW Group, Inc.; Dr. Hui Mei Lin, Accomplished Pianist and Award-Winning Performance Musician; Honoree for Community Leadership Award, Jean Wood Chang, Past President of OCA-WHV and Past Executive Vice President of OCA National; Keynote Speaker Ken Lee, President of OCA National; Master of Ceremonies Ti-Hua Chang, WNYW/Fox 5.

Mama Toi and Zang Toi

Honoree Zang Toi treated his guests to a ride to the ceremony in a private chartered bus. On board were socialites, models, jewelry designers and Zang-loving press. Many of Zang's guests were beautifully attired in Zang's signature fashion designs. But the true specials guests for the evening were Zang's mother and sister (also attired in Zang fashion) who had traveled from Malaysia to see their son/brother be honored.

Guests were served a lovely dinner with entertainment supplied by opera stars. Each honoree spoke to the crowd and thanked OAC for their awards. All spoke about the importance of an organization like the OCA to promote the talents and rights of Chinese American citizens. Then it was time for a film clip of Zang's fashions.

The evening ended with dancing and then a celebratory ride back to the city.

Yilin Su, Niki Chen, Zang Toi, Toi Mey Mey, MaMa Toi and Ling Tan

Natasha Zupan, Toi Mey Mey, Ling Tan, MaMa Toi, Zang Toi, Kaity Tong,
Yilin Su, Wendy Brandes, Patricia Shiah and Angelica Tang

Ling Tang, Zang Toi, Angelica Tang and Fred Teng

Datuk Hamidon, Toi Mey Mey, Zang Toi, Guest, MaMa Toi, Guest and Guest

SiSi Uchiyama, Taka Uchiyama, Niki Chen, NaNa Loyelty, Angelica Tang,
Toi Mey Mey, Tia Walker, MaMa Toi, Natasha Zupan, Zang Toi, Angela Chen,
Senta Junkers, Yilin Su, Li Jing, Wendy Brandes,
Suzy Kaplan, Patrick Smith, Natalie Bunimovic,
Cecilia Lewis, Jess Atkins, Mio Akashi and Ling Tan




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