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Sally Lapointe
Spring Summer 2011 Collection
September 2010 Fashion Week
549 W. 22nd Street
September 12, 2010

Written and Photographed by Mark Tauriello

Opposite Photo:
Designer Sally LaPointe

Conceptual designer Sally Lapointe debuted her Spring/Summer 2011 collection on September 12, 2010, blasting everyone off to another planet with her alien chic look. Taking goth rock aesthetics and futuristic design elements, Lapointe creates a mixture between beauty and distortion through the use of transparency, iridescent fabrics, and abnormal proportions. The models glided down the runway in LaPointe's hand-crafted platform shoes, looking like alien goddesses (though some did stumble a bit, guess they all weren't quite ready for space travel). Cinder block squares, fluorescent light tubes, and fog lined the runway, making an environment suitable for the space age designs. Blasting off at the speed of light, Sally Lapointe is a designer to watch.

We must not forget about the make up. Mac Artist Terry Barber created kidney like shapes of vibrant pink blush on the models faces, starting on the brow and ending on the cheeks. Keeping in the spirit of the iridescent fabrics, a small amount of a silvery powder was added, creating an industrial like shine to the models's faces. Muted, flesh colored lips helped keep the focus on the eyes while still adding a futuristic element to the face.

Model Backstage

Designer Sally LaPointe

Model Backstage


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