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Phone Tag’s Look and Feel

Reviewed by Elizabeth Murphy






If you’d like a blast to the past, Phone Tag’s Look and Feel might just do that for you. The six –track EP is composed of a nice mixture of songs that give off an 80’s air. Each track emits vibrant sounds with catchy tunes and memorable lyrics. The beats are lively and fall between the categories of an energetic and slow pop, or techno songs. The tracks on Look and Feel, display Phone Tag’s playfulness, for each track explores a “day-dreamer’s world” type of atmosphere.

Hence, if you’re an 80’s pop song lover, songs like the EP’s second track “Only With You” will remind you of Wham’s “Young Guns” from the mid 80’s. And I wouldn’t be exaggerating when I say that the lead singer’s voice sounds like a softer version of the vocals on “Forever Young” by an 80’s hit group called Alphaville. However, if you were born in the late 80’s you may not catch these references. But, if you’ve seen movies like The Wedding Singer with Adam Sandler, Phone Tag falls within the category of music being played in that era.

The album’s last track, “Let It Go” happens to be my favorite because the mellow tune compliments its heartbreaking lyrics. The song’s lyrics details an ending relationship, and the words are simple but meaningful, “I want to let go… she won’t make it right…” While this doleful song is the last one on the EP, it wraps up this collection smoothly with tranquil sounds of the chimes, a soft base, and with the lead singer’s fluid voice spilling over the track.


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