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H. B. Forman Talks To
Kate Hudson and
Novelist Emily Giffin of
Something Borrowed

When best-selling novelist Emily Giffin sat down to write the character of Darcy in Something Borrowed she never envisioned that Kate Hudson would be playing Darcy on film. Yet, somehow the two are a perfect fit.

“Honestly, Kate doesn’t look like the Darcy I described in the book,” Giffin said during a recent one-to-one chat. “But Kate has that range as an actress. She can play self-centered but charming. She is a completely confident star, the one whose everyone’s eyes are on in the room. And Darcy has all of those layers, too.”

The Warner Bros. romantic comedy, Something Borrowed, which opens on Friday, May 6, is about having to pick between friendship and true love and taking chances — big ones - not only with the possibility of falling flat on your face, but of taking others down with you.

"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue..." That’s how the traditional rhyme goes promising good luck for brides-to-be who carry these things down the aisle.

But what if something borrowed is the groom? That's the question posed by Emily Giffin's best-selling novel Something Borrowed, about the complications that arise when long-platonic friends Rachel and Dex realize their true—and truly inconvenient—feelings for one another on the threshold of Dex's marriage to someone else. Especially as that someone else is Darcy, Rachel's best friend since childhood.

More than a love story, or even a love triangle, Something Borrowed also tests the once-unbreakable bond between Rachel and Darcy, which raises the stakes for everything that happens next.

“Kate Hudson was great; just a lot of fun,” recalls Giffin, who spent some time on the set of her romantic comedy. “I know she is going to be phenomenal in [the sequel] Something Blue, and we were having lunch and she asked me, ‘Would you write a third book about these characters. It would be fun to write a third as well,” something the novelist is considering.

She said working on the set with Kate was a lot of fun, and she appreciated that Kate enjoys her books. “We were having lunch one day and she asked me, ‘Would you write a third book about these characters?’

The movie co-stars John Krasinski (The Office) and Colin Egglesfield, as the male members of the triangle who try to navigate their complicated love mess.

Recently, Emily Giffin and Kate Hudson sat down to chat on a breezy day in early spring, and both were thrilled with the movie Something Borrowed. They also talked about Kate’s pregnancy, Emily’s three young children, juggling work and motherhood, friendship, success, dreams, difficult choices and more.

Do you believe in following your heart at any price – one of themes of Something Borrowed?

Kate Hudson and Gennifer Goodwin in Something Borrower

Emily Giffin: I try not to push my characters into a theme. What ever I write is true to what the characters would do in a particular situation. In this case I personally believe in following your heart – but I don’t believe in hurting people or being dishonest. Sometimes you make mistakes along the way. But you have to be true to yourself.

H. B. Forman: As a fellow writer, I would love to know what it’s like to have your book – which you gave your heart and soul – become a major movie starring Kate Hudson?

Emily Giffin: I love the book and the movie. Before hand I heard all these horror stories and I know that some of my favorite books I didn’t really like the adaptation. So I feel really lucky. The movie is true to the spirit of the characters and of the book. There were moments at the screening when I forgot I had written the book; I enjoyed it that much.

H. B. Forman: This is really a dream come true. Could you have dreamt this much?

Emily Giffin: I feel very lucky. Made into a movie never would have imagined when I wrote the book. Really been thrilling. This movie hasn’t changed my every day life – I have three young children to care for and I live in Atlanta. This has been a lot of fun. I can’t wait for the movie to be released because I think my readers will love it.

H. B. Forman: Please talk about being a working mom.

Emily Giffin: It’s tough and a tricky balancing act. I accept that fact that I must make compromises and sacrifices in all directions. The recent interviews in Santa Monica for the film meant I had to miss my daughter’s soccer game. My mom and husband took photos for me. So, that juggling act is hard being a working mother.

H. B. Forman: Do you have a philosophy for all of this?

Emily Giffin: Sure. In life do the best you can. Life is about compromise.

H. B. Forman: Do you want us to root for Rachel even though she is clearly breaking a lot of rules here? Are you surprised we are rooting for her?

Emily Giffin: I think when you write in the first person you definitely get in the head of the character more aligned. Weren’t sure how it would end up and weren’t sure – complexity in life. Sometimes it isn’t clear-cut. Books and chick lit. this is the good guy and bad guy – question of how you get there. A lot of little decisions can add up to the texture of your life. The filmmakers did a great job of showing those layers. Life is unclear, which job we should take and who is right for us.

H. B. Forman: How do you chill?

Emily Giffin: It is definitely hard to find time for that. I love to go to movies, run and travel. But now I am really busy with work or caring for my children.

H. B. Forman: You have scores of book club fans – what is that like having them and connecting them?

Emily Giffin: Writing is very solitary so the large majority of workweek and life is alone while I am creating these worlds for these characters. Having Facebook, having book signings and other ways to interact – is a nice way to balance life and have that interaction from people and to get feedback. My fifth novel, Heart of the Matter is about a wife staying with her husband through difficult times. You have to get into the head of the character and follow their path. Love to get the feedback, but ultimately you have to tell the story you want to tell and be true to your characters.

H. B. Forman: Talk about your family.

Emily Giffin: I have seven-year-old identical twin sons and a three-year-old daughter – and a very supportive husband. This is co-parenting all the way.

H. B. Forman: Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Emily Giffin: To get a thick skin. Everyone faces rejection. Trying to get published is part of it. Find your voice and tell the story you want to tell. Don’t try to tell a story because you think it will be published you won’t have passion for the story. Don’t try to make every sentence perfect; it’s all about editing.

H. B. Forman: Were you on the set of the movie?

Emily Giffin: I was on a book tour for Heart of The Matter while they were shooting. But I was on the set for several days and it was a lot of fun.

H. B. Forman:What was the mood on the set?

Emily Giffin: It was a great cast and got along really well. It was a lot of laughs.

“Kate Hudson Borrows Our Hearts”

Kate Hudson is a thrilling look at contrasts.

The luminous award-winning-actress, with the perfect Hollywood pedigree, is stunning on the Red Carpet or a recent press tour, but the self-proclaimed hippy also loves to hang out in comfy vintage attire.

Happily six months pregnant with her second child, she has often said how much she loves being a young mother. Her seven-year-old son, Ryder, (with ex-husband Chris Robinson), was born when she was only 24.

Now at age 32, she says she feels every younger, and thrilled to be embarking on motherhood again. While her London-based rocker musician partner, Matt Belamy, wants to know the gender of their child, Kate wants to wait until she delivers the baby. She has said what she loves about Matt is that he shows his love and is not afraid to say what he feels.

The actress confirmed she’s due in the summer, most likely July, but was hesitant to reveal the exact date because of the constant paparazzi in her life.

With all the glamour and excitement of her many movie roles, she says that being a mom to Ryder has been pure pleasure. “He is truly my little buddy.”

Kate Hudson, who stars as the charismatic Darcy, sees the story this way: "These two girlfriends have grown up together and Rachel has always been the one person Darcy could count on, her rock. She's the one who does everything right."

During a breezy spring day at the Casa Del Mar Hotel in Santa Monica, overlooking the perfect blue ocean, Kate definitely had the pregnancy glow, and her cheeks were healthy and round. She was upbeat, open, chatty, friendly, and ready to become the mother of two.

Well, tell me how is pregnancy this time around – the last time was more than eight years ago with your son, Ryder?

Kate Hudson: It’s just different. It's not easier in the sense of like...I was sicker this time. I have more like adverse reactions to certain foods. But it's easier mentally. I know what it feels like because I remember the sensations.

This wedding movie you're in, as nutty and dysfunctional as it is, will be coming out just a few days after the royal wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton. Does that mean something to you, and will you be watching it?

Kate Hudson: Oh my God, the royal wedding? I can't wait! I can't wait to see it. I can't wait to see her dress, I can't wait to see what she's going to come in wearing, I can't wait to see all of it. Yeah. I mean, you know, it's the royal wedding! It's been a while since we've seen a royal wedding.

H. B. Forman: Have you been following it?

Kate Hudson: No, I have no idea about anything about them. But I do know that it's on the 29th! Because my mom and I have decided to just sit at home the royal wedding! That's what we're going to do! I mean, you got to watch the royal wedding, right?

H. B. Forman: You had a pretty great childhood. Were there important lessons from your mom?

Kate Hudson: Yes, my mom told me to enjoy the journey of life, and not just the destination.

H. B. Forman: Anything else that your mom told you?

Kate Hudson: My mom often says that if you look at something as valuable just because you’ll enjoy the act of doing it, then the end doesn’t really matter. We live our lives because we want a good result. But each day has it’s own beginning and end and she feels we should find value in that. My mom knows how to pull the family together. She’s pretty grounding.

H. B. Forman: How do you practice what you learned from your amazing mom?

Kate Hudson: We both believe in being positive and bringing that positive energy to our family. Try to do what I can to make my family happy – it’s not always going to work but that’s what I strive for each day.

H. B. Forman: Mother’s Day is coming up describe Goldie Hawn for me as a mom from your point of view?

Kate Hudson: She is a beautiful, generous and kind woman and an amazing mother. I am lucky. Very lucky. And we love each other’s company.

H. B. Forman: What kind of mom are you to Ryder?

Kate Hudson: A very lucky and happy one.

H. B. Forman: What’s your idea of the ideal home situation?

Kate Hudson: Spending time at home and in my perfect garden. Spending time outside and spending time in my garden, that’s what I need.

H. B. Forman: How hard was it for a woman as stunning as you, to make yourself undesirable in this movie?

Kate Hudson: I think it's very important that you know Darcy's a very self-centered person. I mean; that's who she is. She's just all about her. I mean for me, I was really looking at this as where she goes in the second movie, if we get to Something Blue. And you need to see how, you know, selfish this person is. But she's not doing it to hurt anybody. And it was actually an important change from the book, that we did for the movie. Because we didn't want to make it seem like what they were doing behind her back was okay, you know?

H. B. Forman: So what is your take on all of this?

Kate Hudson: In the book, Darcy's way nastier than she is in the movie. And it would have made it too easy for them to be having the affair. I mean; Darcy loves her girlfriend Rachel. And she always wants to have her around, even though she's really doing these things.

And for me, where it goes and where you start to see her go, is that it comes, as it does with all of us, from a really deep insecurity. And not being a really smart girl, she's not a very intelligent person. Or she probably doesn't see herself that way.

You know, she probably wasn't the girl who had the best grades in school. But she might have had the best legs! And that's always worked for her. And then she gets older, and she realizes that doesn't work as well, you know?

H. B. Forman: Are their life lessons here?

Kate Hudson: Sure, the older you get, the more that stuff starts to go away. And that's where she ends up going. So for me, it was fun. You know, to play that kind of, just those things I got to say! And ad lib. It was a blast! But I think our generation will really go for this. Because we're in our ‘30s.

H. B. Forman: Do you know anybody like that?

Kate Hudson: Oh yeah. I know plenty of Darcy’s.

H. B. Forman: Are you still friends with any of them?

Kate Hudson: Of course. They're fun! You know, they're not necessarily the most dependable people. But they're fun to have around. She's not a mean person. You know, she just says things that are so brutally honest. Like...I hate your shoes.
So that people would think, god that's so horrible, that she would say something like that. And she'd be, well no. That's just Darcy. She hates your shoes!
Do you ever have a Darcy attack yourself? Because you played this role so well!

Kate Hudson: Do you see that in me?

H. B. Forman: Uh, no.

Kate Hudson: I don't think I have that kind of thing that Darcy has, I don't. I want to have a good time! I like to have fun. I like to go out and laugh with my friends, and gather people together. And have a good time. But I definitely think of other people before I think of myself. Usually!

H. B. Forman: So no channeling Darcy ever?

Kate Hudson: She's a character in a movie that is so much fun to play. Because you get to do things that you don't normally do in your real life, right? That's what we do for a living.

And so that's what was fun about playing Darcy. I've never been in that circumstance before in my life. I never wanted to be a party planner! Nor have I ever wanted to get married, and have somebody else take care of me.

So I feel very different from that character. But it was definitely a fun person to play.

H. B. Forman: Would you be up to playing this character again?

Kate Hudson: Yes!

H. B. Forman: Do you feel more secure than Darcy, with your solid career?

Kate Hudson: It could happen even with success. You can have five years of success and then the next thing you know, ‘Oh I'm going to have to wait tables.’ The easy part is getting there; the hardest part is staying there!

H. B. Forman: So this line of work you continued from mom Goldie Hawn is not easy?

Kate Hudson: No. It's the most tumultuous career you could ever have chosen! You know, if you don't realize that you're going to be at the top one minute, than at the bottom trying to somehow work your way back up. Yeah, it's definitely not like the most consistent job. I saw it in my parents. So you have to have other things in your life that are more important. Or that fulfill you just as much, if not more, than acting.

H. B. Forman: What's up with the Linda Lovelace project, is it still happening?

Kate Hudson: Uh, yeah. I think so. They've been trying to make that for a long time. I think probably because she's a fascinating character. And it's kind of controversial. Not because of porn anymore! But because she has claimed her story as a story of abuse. And being sort of forced into this lifestyle that objectifies women.

H. B. Forman: What interests you in this?

Kate Hudson: Well, on the surface and from people around her, they never saw her as somebody who felt she was being forced into this. So she always talked about herself and the freedom of sexuality, in a way that made people kind of question why she all of a sudden became this feminist with Gloria Steinem.

H. B. Forman: Please, tell me more.

Kate Hudson: She's a very, very interesting character. And the script that I'm involved in and that I really like is very nonlinear. And kind of attacks it from both perspectives. So what her perspective was, and in terms of the abuse and her difficult childhood.

And then the outside perspective of how people saw her. So it's just such a really interesting piece. So hopefully we'll get to do it. We got the people, but it's really more about the scheduling.

H. B. Forman: You said some time ago that you'd like to direct. Is that still a plan?

Kate Hudson: No, I've still been looking for the right thing to direct. Eventually I'll direct, definitely. I think that's where I'll end up, in my life, is probably directing.

H. B. Forman: How come?

Kate Hudson: Because I can't sit in the makeup chair for two hours all the time! And I'm going to get old! And I've always been behind the camera anyway. You know, my whole life is behind the camera. And I've gotten opportunities to watch some really amazing directors.

H. B. Forman: Whether they'd be directing my parents, or directing me personally, working with certain filmmakers. And I think the greatest lessons you can learn, are by watching. And I'm one of those watchers! And it can get frustrating at times. Because you work with certain filmmakers, and you're just sitting there and, you know, biting your tongue. And going, how did I find myself here. You know?

H. B. Forman: What have you learned the more you are in the business?

Kate Hudson: The older you get, the more you realize when you take the chance to work with filmmakers that you don't necessarily know, you hopefully believe in them.

But it's really about the filmmaker.

H. B. Forman: How does your family life play into this?

H. B. Forman: It does a lot. I think for me now, since I am going to be a mom of two, and what takes me away from your family. Instead of it just being a fun role to play, now it's really going to be about working with the right filmmaker. Because, eventually that's really what I want to do. To me, the best and most comfortable times I've had working with certain filmmakers, is when you completely understand and have faith that this person knows what story they're telling. And you can see that in how they work on their feet.

You know, you always enter difficult scenarios, and they know their stories so well, that they can work on their feet. And come up with all different types of alternatives. And I love when they know exactly what they need.







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