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Greenwood Cemetery
Walking Tour
November 12, 2011

Written by Wendy R. Williams

Photographed by Katherin Wermke and Beatriz Schulze for Barcelona Photographer

New York City residents constantly fight the "real estate wars," plotting and conniving for just a few extra feet of space in just a little better neighborhood. Five hundred and sixty thousand of the city's former residents won their final battle; they are interred at historic Greenwood Cemetery where their neighbors are some of the city's most famous citizens. They may have lost the square footage battle, but they have won the ambiance war.

Greenwood Cemetery is one of New York's most fascinating neighborhoods; residents include a Russian prince, gangsters Joey Gallo and Albert Anastasia, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Horace Greely, Leonard Bernstein, William Magear (“Boss”) Tweed and the Rev. Henry Ward Beecher.

Here is an interesting quote from the Greenwood website: "According to the 2010 census, Green-Wood’s population is larger than that of any of these cities: Albuquerque, Tucson, Fresno, Sacramento, Long Beach, Mesa, Virginia Beach, Atlanta, Colorado Springs, Omaha, Raleigh, Miami, Cleveland, Tulsa, Oakland, Minneapolis, Wichita, and New Orleans. In fact, if Green-Wood were a city, it would be the 33rd largest city in America." Here is another fascinating quote from the website: "As The New York Times succinctly put it it 1866, 'It is the ambition of the New Yorker to live upon Fifth Avenue, to take his airings in the [Central] Park, and to sleep with his fathers in Green-Wood.'”

On Saturday November 12, 2011, photographers Katherin Wemke and Beatriz Schulze (Barcelona Photographer) visited Greenwood, participated in a walking tour led by Ruth Edebohls and took these photographs. Enjoy!


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