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Publicolor Day
October 5, 2013

Written by Wendy R Williams

Photographs Courtesy of
Jonathan Marder + Associates


2013 Publicolor Day, an annual event designated by Mayor Michael Bloomberg and sponsored by YP (aka Yellow Pages) and CBS EcoMedia’s EducationAd, was held on October 5, 2013. Volunteers from all over the city (including YP team members) joined Publicolor students to paint and rehabilitate four sites: Brooklyn Transition Center (185 Ellery Street in Brooklyn), Urban Assembly Academy of Civic Engagement (650 Hollywood Avenue, Bronx), Stanley M. Isaacs Neighborhood Center (415 East 93rd Street, Manhattan) and P.S.M.S. 219/Paul Klapper School (144-39 Gravett Road, Queens).

YP also sponsored a "play date" at the Urban Assembly Academy of Civic Engagement in the Bronx where booths were set up for balloon animals, face painting, games, music, and other activities. Guests were able to paint canvases, which will form YP’s logo when assembled and later be given to each school as a legacy gift.

Here is a quote from the Publicolor website: "Publicolor is a youth development not-for-profit that has a multi-day multi-year program continuum that uniquely engages disaffected students in their education. Our gateway program empowers students through commercial painting and our applied learning model to transform their institutional-looking schools into warm, welcoming student-centric environments. The rest of our programs involve the students in planning and preparing for college and career, while teaching strong and transferable work habits. Publicolor students are prepared to be productive members of the workforce and are almost always the first in their families to go to college."

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