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Dear Miss Wendy,
I am about to be married and my fiance and I have an etiquette question. Just how many people who have seen us naked should we invite to our wedding?

Yours truly,


Dear Props,
Well your mother, your Godmother, the family doctor....but wait that is not what you are asking me is it? Well, hmm...perhaps you should count off just like you are doing with the other wedding guests. Decide how many ex-lovers each side can have and then allocate the invitations among the most attractive exes. One does have to think about the wedding photos.

P. S. I hope none of these people are planning on attending your wedding in the nude. Weddings require a lot more formality then sex or volley ball.

Dear Miss Wendy,

I am a thirty-something Manhattan babe who is always hot to trot and I have a small problem. Lately I have noticed that a lot of my boyfriends are exhibiting an excessive interest in my feet and I am reduced to saying, "Hey, I'm up here, look up, look up." Do you have a clue what might be going on or should I say going down?



Dear Mistie,

This foot fetish nonesense sure did get a big boost from Sex and the City. But popular or not, foot fetishes are still complicated deviancies and I will need more information if I am to help you. First, is it your feet or your shoes that are attracting all that attention? Please write back and we will get to the bottom of this or perhaps I should say, to the "sole of the question."

P. S. When you write back, please do include a signed photo of your feet in your best strappy sandals. And would you please include a stamped self-addressed envelope. I will send you a photo of my feet by return mail..

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