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Dear Miss Wendy,

I am a thirty-something-woman with a social problem. I just started a new job with a great group of people, but now the holiday parties are about to start. At my last job, I attended the Christmas party (which was a lot of fun), but from then on all anyone could talk about is what “supposedly” happened between me and this intern in a stalled elevator. I, however, have no memory of any of that. In fact I have no memory of anything that happened that night after about 11PM. Things are great where I am now, so I don’t want to become this office’s “Ghost of Christmas Past.” What to do?


The Scarlet Letter

Dear Scarlet,

The answer is very simple – plan ahead. You can use a variation of the Weight Watchers plan where dieters bring their own food to “risky” situations. Plan how much you are going to drink (two or less) and stick to it. And then, so you don’t feel deprived by not getting to “celebrate” Christmas with some strange man, leave the party by 10:30 and meet up with a prearranged “stranger” who does not work at your office and can be trusted not to blog your encounter on the internet.

P. S. No matter what their age, “doing” interns is very out this year.

Merry Christmas, Miss Wendy

Dear Miss Wendy,

My boyfriend and I (we are both boyfriends) are planning on spending Christmas in New York City and wondered if you have any suggestions about which hotels would be sexy and cool. We are on a very limited budget.


Oklahoma City Hipster

Dear Oakie,

I certainly do. All of these hotels are cool and sexy and have a cool downtown vibe – yes, even the Paramount which is located in the Theatre District.

Paramount Hotel (35 West 46th Street in the Theater District – 212-764-5500) - this witty hotel was designed by Philippe Starck and features room rates under $200. It is filled with minor celebrities/hipsters on limited budgets like yourselves – think Jennifer Gray.

Gershwin Hotel (7 East 27th Street – 212-545-8000). This hipster hotel features low rates ($135), has a lobby filled with art and is in walking distance of the mega cool Union Square area. And rumor has it that modeling agencies house their new models here.

Howard Johnson Express (135 East Houston Street – 212-358-8844) I know, I know, but it is location, location, location. This hotel is right smack in the middle of the Lower East Side, right next door to the Sunshine Theater (independent films). It is surrounded by really cool bars and restaurants and you can get a room for under $150. Besides, Hojo is so out it is in again, and you heard it here first.

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