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Miss Guy
Miss Guy
Photographed By Evan Sung

Miss Guy: I just don’t have any interest in doing it anymore unless I was opening for Kiss or Cher.

Liberation: I heard that you working on a solo project with Boy George and are going to have Amanda LePore doing backing vocals?

Miss Guy: I actually found something I’d like Amanda to do in a song but it would probably be just a couple of lines. She has a song called ‘Champagne’ and it’s really great.

Liberation: I saw her during the black out last summer. I was on a friends stoop chit chatting and all of a sudden I just saw this blond hair and these wax lips walking down the street. She was wearing this turquoise colored outfit that looked like something Cher in would have worn in ‘Mermaids’. I love her.

Miss Guy: That’s our Amanda! I Love this city. It’s really the only city that has it all.

Liberation: Do you think the East Village has changed since the days when Richard Kern and Lydia Lunch held court?

Miss Guy: Oh yeah, it’s awful now. It’s really become a ‘Sex and The City’ episode. I loved that show in the beginning and I was happy for Pat Field but before that show those people didn’t come downtown, they didn’t want to come. Once Carrie and her friends started coming downtown, that’s when the girls like them started showing up.

Liberation: The Toilet Boys are one of my favorite bands. There are very few bands I will go out and see now.

Miss Guy: Why?

Liberation: Because I am tired of seeing bands that dress like gas station attendants, looking bored onstage! I love The Strokes but they look bored and when you’re shelling out $35 a ticket…

Miss Guy: They suck live.

Liberation: Well, they just stand there! The Toilet Boys put on a SHOW! Every time I have seen you and the band live something catches fire. I saw a show at The Continental one summer and early on in the show, your pyrotechnics go off and all the sound-proof foam on the stage and walls caught fire. When you guys played with Nashville Pussy, that venue caught fire as well. You have a reputation for being a great live band.

Miss Guy: Most reviews usually say we’re better live which is cool, it makes me happy. But it’s hard to get that experience across on a record. Sometimes we’re sloppy live.

Liberation: But isn’t that the advantage of being a rock band as opposed to a pop band? I would think the audience expects rock band to be a bit rough around the edges live.

Miss Guy: There’s a fine line between showmanship and musicianship, one shouldn’t suffer because of the other. There’s a fine line between doing too much of a show that you totally suck in the music part. I just think it’s an instinct.

Liberation: But that’s the great thing about rock is that you can get away with the flawed moments. I’m a huge fan of Courtney Love.

Miss Guy: Me too.

Liberation: I saw her at the Plaid show and, technically, she sounds worse live than she does on record but I love that. It’s real emotion, it’s who she is. She’s got that barking, scratchy voice and it’s very endearing.

Miss Guy: She’s not a good singer at all but her voice is very pleasing to me. Christina Aguilera is a great singer but her voice makes me want to fucking kill.

Liberation: That’s why I’m the first in line to buy Courtney’s records because she IS rock n’ roll.

Miss Guy: She’s the last of a dying breed. I loved her last record, I think it’s so great.

Liberation: Were you at the infamous Plaid show? I saw Sean and Theo there.

Miss Guy: Yeah, I DJ’d there.

Liberation: I felt bad for her that night. I was in the front and she didn’t do anything on purpose, she didn’t throw that mic stand at anybody.

Miss Guy: No, it was an accident. I saw that from up in the DJ booth and she was swinging that mic stand around. She was doing that with her guitar too. It wasn’t like she chose someone and started attacking them. She was flailing stuff about and it accidentally happened. She got tons of press for it though.

Liberation: People are so eager to go after her and it’s unfortunate because she really invites to do so. She’s just not a sympathetic character.

Miss Guy: If you are going to see Courtney Love and you stand up front don’t be surprised if you get nicked in the forehead. Guitars fly, mic stands fly, she drops, she’s dropping her guitar…

Liberation: It’s par for the course. If it were me, I would have just said, listen sister, let’s have lunch and call it a day. I wouldn’t sue her. I’ve been to your shows and I have had Sean soak me in Kerosene when he was doing his fire breathing routine and did I run home and file a lawsuit? No.

Miss Guy: That’s good because you wouldn’t have gotten anything. (laughs)

Liberation: I still have my kerosene soaked Gun’s N’ Roses T-Shirt tucked away in the back of my closet like Monica Lewinsky’s DNA stained GAP dress.

Miss Guy: (laughs)

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