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Bomb Magazine
30 Anniversary Gala
April 15, 2011

Written by Wendy R. Wiliams
Photographed by Daniel Perry

Opposite Photo: Amy Phelan

The Bomb Magazine Gala is a must attend event for New York City's voyeurs. The art on the walls is stunning, but what truly draws the eye are the guests. Nothing worn to the party is picked at random. Everyone one of the "looks" speaks to the creativity of the body under the clothes. Bombers (said with affection) are walking billboards of style.

Performance artist Marina Abramovic, director of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum; Richard Armstrong, Art in America’s editor for almost four decades; Elizabeth Baker, and author Francine Prose were the honorees at the 30th Annual Bomb Magazine Gala. During dinner, each honoree was presented with a “Pink Bomb,” created by Tom Otterness.

According to the press release from Jonathan Marder + Company, so far the Gala has raised in excess of $433,000 (between the Ticket/Ticket sales and the Silent Auction). The Silent Auction items are still up for sale on Bomb’s website:

The Trustee Chair was Klaus Kertess. The evening’s chairs included: Honorary Chair Amy Phelan, and the Co-Chairs Robert Duffy, Mary and Sean Kelly, Michèle Gerber Klein and Michael Ward Stout.

The guest list included: Klaus Biesenback, Kim Cattrall, Ann Duong, Michelle Oka Doner, Anthony Haden-Guest, A.M Homes, Ellsworth Kelly, Lisa Phillips, Mika Rottenberg, Wallace Shawn, Michael Stipe, Jennifer Stockman, and Ricardo Tisci.

The Benefit committee included: Carolyn Alexander, Laurie Anderson, Mahnaz Ispahani and Adam Bartos, Bloomberg, Karin Waisman and Carlos Brillembourg, Donya Bommer, Cecily Brown, Eric Diefenbach and James Keith Brown, Priscilla Vail Caldwell and Graham Gallery, Scott Campbell, Helaine and Paul Cantor, Amy Cappellazzo, Rosemary Carroll, Joanne Leonhardt Cassullo, Janis Gardner Cecil, Tina Kim and Jae Chung, Jane and James Cohan, Jennifer Clifford Danner and Bill Danner, Gabriella de Ferrari, Michele Oka Doner and Frederick Doner, Fairfax Dorn, Cary Brown-Epstein and Steven Epstein, Giuliana Bruno and Andrew Fierberg, April Gornik and Eric Fischl, Shelly and Vincent Fremont, Gagosian Gallery, Julie and Robin Graham, Anthony Grant, Carol Greene, Agnes Gund, Hauser Wirth, Rachel Hovnanian, Debby Hymowitz, Susan and Steven Jacobson, Steve Incontro and David Josset, Sarah Paley and Bob Kerrey, Heather Kirby, Nicole Klagsbrun, Jill and Peter Kraus, Rhiannon Kubicka, Melva Bucksbaum and Raymond Learsy, Elizabeth LeCompte, Dorothy Lichtenstein, Tara Lipton, Barbara London, Susan and Glenn Lowry, Linda and Harry Macklowe, Joe Mantello, Francine Hunter McGivern, Jennifer McSweeney, Kirsten M. Meadow, Gregory R. Miller, Lybess Sweezy and Ken Miller, Edward Tyler Nahem, Virva Hinnemo and George Negroponte, Tim Nye, Anne Pasternak, Sasha Chavchavadze and P.K. Ramani, Helen and Larry Remmel, Jane Rosenblum, Mimi Thompson and James Rosenquist, Ellen Phelan and Joel Shapiro, Alanna Heiss and Fredrick Sherman, Mary-Ann Monforton and Morris Shuman, Cindy Sherman, Ira Silverberg, Lea Simonds, Melissa Skoog-Dunagan, Ned Smyth, Keith Sonnier, Sue and Mike Stanley, Jennifer Blei Stockman, Liz Swig, Elizabeth Easton and James Traub, and Jamie Tisch and Dorsey Waxter.

The Editors Committee includes: Sanford Biggers, Ross Bleckner, Tina Barney, Sarah Charlsworth, Carlos Gutierrez, A.M. Homes, Joan Jonas, Robeto Juarez, Shirley Kaneda, Mark Magill, Patrick McGrath, Paul W. Morris, James Nares, Saul Ostrow, Monica De La Torre and Bruce Pearson, Sabine Russ, David Salle, Deborah Eisenberg and Wallace Shawn, Laurie Simmons, John W. Smith, Mickalene Thomas and Carmen McLeod, Lynne Tillman, Karen Marta and Frederic Tuten.

Michele Gerber Klein
(wearing Fabiola Arias)
Asa Larsson in Marc Jacobs
Daniel Feld and Fabiola Arias Marie Davies and Rob Nowill
Clara Robin Cofer
(J Mendel shrug, Oscar de la Renta dress)
Anthony Hayden Guest and
Judy Auchincloss
Janis Cecil (wearing Maggie Norris)
and Michele Oka Doner

Lucas and Jennifer Rosen, Benjamin LeHay

Petra Giloy, Michelle Oka Doner, Jennifer Danner
and Betsy Sussler (Editor of Bomb Magazine)

Klaus Kertess and Jack Whitten




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