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Phone Tag’s
Look and Feel


If you’d like a blast to the past, Phone Tag’s Look and Feel might just do that for you. The six –track EP is composed of a nice mixture of songs that give off an 80’s air...(more).

Braids New Album
Native Speaker

I can’t begin to explain all the places BRAIDS’ new album Native Speaker will take you. I can, however, tell you that it won’t have boredom scratching at your eardrums, or leave you eager to press “skip” on your stereo...(more)

Elizabeth and The Catapult's
The Other Side of Zero

And then the sixth track, “The Horse and the Missing Cart,” started up and changed everything. With its sliding, swaying build of a rhythm underpinning a deceptively complex arrangement banging away in my ears..(more)

Neon Trees
Hammerstein Ballroom
October 30, 2010

In September, I had a chance meeting with the band Neon Trees. We had attended the same party on the roof of a chic Times Square Hotel...(more)

Tobacco's New CD
Maniac Meat

Tom Fec aka Tobacco's sophomore release Maniac Meat is definitely a challenge – and a compelling listen. In a field swamped with sampling and digital precision...(more)

Review of Soundtrack of
No One Knows About Persian Cats

When I think about the country of Iran, independent music is about the last thing that comes to mind...(more)

The Music News

New York Cool receives a lot of press releases about up-and-coming musicians so we have created this page so you can know what we know. Be sure to check back often...(more)

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