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Rolando Santana Fashion Show
September 14, 2011
Exit Art

Written by Wendy R. Williams
Photographed by Eka Halim


Rolando Santana showed a sophisticated, ethereal, monochromatic line for Spring of 2012. Santana's creations were beautifully complimented by shoes by Manolo Blahnik. Santana and Blahnik must soar above the earth in the same creative cloud; the collaboration was seamless.

Santana is from Cuernevaca, Mexico, "the city of eternal spring," and his designs speak to his origin. Cuernevaca is a beautiful town in the mountains outside Mexico City that has been/is home to movie stars, artists and the famed Cuernevaca Language Institute. The air is simply different in Cuernevaca.

Cuernevaca is also home to an absolutely stunning Cathedral which was "remodeled" in the twentieth century under the direction of Bishop Méndez Arceo. Arceo created quite a controversy when he decreed that the heavy gilded shrines to the saints be removed leaving a stunning minimalist shrine where the walls are washed in gold revealing ancient Japanese drawings.

Congratulations to Santana for creating a line that is gorgeous and pure and expresses the elegance of his Mexican lineage.


Rolando Santana Rolando Santana




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