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The Blonds Fashion Show
Milk Studios
February 15, 2012

Written by Wendy R. Williams
Photographed by Eka Halim


Motorcycle Madness

The Blond's show is Fashion Week's wildest party. The coolest club kids plus the photographers and stylist who love them fill the building early for an opportunity to "kiss, kiss" their bestest and baddest.

And the show is dazzling; this year the brothers Blond outdid themselves (as usual). Phillipe strode down the runway clad in a leather corset, shorts and an opaque helmet. When he reached the end of the runway, he pulled his trademark move - pulling off the helmet and tossing his long blond hair as the crowd exploded in cheers.

And so you may ask, how about the clothes? Can anyone wear these clothes? And the answer is a resounding, but qualified, yes. Rock stars and club kids can wear them just the way they were presented on the runway - Miss Gaga will find plenty to love. But pieces from the collection can also be worked into the wardrobes of lesser mortals. Several of the tops would work very well with a pair of designer jeans or a paired with the right skirt (ask the guys, they will tell you how).

Good Job and a lot of fun!


  David and Phillipe Blond

Guests Adam Lambert


Nigel Barker, J. Alexander aka Miss J. and Jay Manuel

Nigel Barker and Robert Verdi

Sauli Koskinen, Adam Lambert (center) and Patrick McDonald (right)





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