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Zang Toi
Monday February 13, 2012
The Tents at Lincoln Center

Written by Wendy R. Williams
Photographed by Eka Halim


Zang Toi knows how to put on a show!

For Fall/Winter 2012, Toi has created a cohesive line of luxurious garments that are infused with a simple elegance. This year, Toi chose his colors from the palette of the harlequin - black and white with splashes of red.

The dresses are classics that become walking pieces of art on the body of the wearer. Toi knows his customers and their lives and these are not ordinary lives. Toi women live in a world of elegance - a world of charity luncheon and opera balls where making an entrance matters.

So bring on the staircases. It's time for the Toi's to make their entrance.

P. S. Toi is one of the few fashion designers who remembers that men make up fifty percent of the population and included posh menswear in his collection - just the thing to decorate the life of a Toi man.








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