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Citrolina by Citra Gala
NYC Fashion Runway Show
Friday July 13, 2012
268 West 47th Street, New York

Written by Wendy R. Williams
Photographed by Mary Blanco


To walk the streets of New York is to breath fashion. Designers from all over the world flock to the City for a chance to spice up their creativity cauldrons and bring them to a boil. Designers and their fashions are everywhere and anywhere. NYC fashion Shows are hosted in: churches, community centers, health clubs, parks, funeral homes (Imitation of Christ, anyone?) and night clubs. Talent will always out.

Davina Reichman Schuck, the founder of NYC Fashion Runway, is in the business and finding and presenting new talent. And on Friday, July 13th, she presented the golden world of Citra Gala's beglittered, beflourished and bedecked Citrolina Collection.

The fashion show was held at New York staple, The Copacabana (of Ricky Ricardo fame). The designs were festive and fun and told a story of an Indian of dreams. Ms. Gala spoke about her collection saying, "I am committed to my vision - demonstrating and creating art through my designs. With "Citrolina", I specialize in evening wear with a potpourri of different colors and textures, high fashion fused with Indian culture"

Speaking of her vision for the fashion world, NYC Fashion Runway Managing Director said, "With the NYC Fashion Runway hitting the international market, global emerging and classic designers are flocking to do the shows in New York City. Our designers offer a distinctive yet eye-catching, elegant feel to the garments, acclaimed by buyers and fashionistas alike."

Citra Gala of Citrolina and Models

Natal Yabur & Ben Bailey Alex Borghi & Davina Reichman Schuck
GK Makeup artist Aneela K &
Lilit Bagdasaryan
Olga Maria Vargas & Ilona A Shabovta

Fiorella Solórzano (Events Director),
Davina Reichman Schuck (founder & Managing Director)
Olga Maria Vargas (Marketing Director)
Shannon Mcnamee (Social Media Director) of
NYC Fashion Runway Team


Makeup: GK Cosmetics The makeup brand of choice. Let the hottest makeup bring you the most up-to-date looks on the runway and at home.

Model agency: City Model And Talent - The innovative, dynamic and professional organization dedicated to the promotion of models and talent (actors, singers & dancers) into the fashion and entertainment industry.

MC: Christine Hauer, Ford model & founder of HiFive Agency

Live Singer: Laura Lee Summerhill, Roxy in Chicago the musical



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