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Frank J. Avella Talks to
Actor Ron Tsur

Opposite Photo: Ron Tsur
Photo Credit: Chris Make

Ron Tsur is a very talented actor, originally from Israel, and currently making a name for himself in New York.

Frank J. Avella: When did you first know you wanted to act?

Ron Tsur: Since I can remember. Every family gathering became a gig, every living room a stage.

FJA: You were an actor in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces). Describe that experience.

Ron Tsur: Three years of insanity. Israel has the only army in the world that has an army theater (soldiers that are drafted for the purpose of being actors in the army), and I was lucky to be a part of it. The thing I took away most from that experience was being able to perform during the second Lebanese war. You meet soldiers that you know have seen and gone through horrible things, and for 60 minutes you make them laugh. Priceless.

FJA: Was coming to New York City always you goal?

Ron Tsur: Not really. I have German citizenship, so Berlin was a strong possibility, but one of my best friends told me I have to give NYC a try, I would feel right at home and this is the place to be. I came here in 2009 to check out schools and once I got here it was love at first sight.

FJA: What has been your experience working and living in New York City and working in U.S theater?

Ron Tsur: Wonderfully hectic. Since graduating from school (Stella Adler Studio Of Acting) in the summer, I was a part of several productions, some small (a German bar where I did an original piece with a dear friend) and some big (a 3,000-seat theater in NJ with a brilliant production that I am still a part of). I think living in this city can be brutal if you’re not good at dealing with rejection. What always helped me was the fact that I don’t have a Plan B. I’m an actor. That’s it.

FJA: What are the differences between working in the theater here in NYC and in Israel?

Ron Tsur: The size of the industry, but mainly the fact that it’s almost impossible to take your first step towards a career in Israel. It’s very difficult to even get an audition for a good part there if you don’t have an agent, and here you just need a head shot, a reel and an online resume and you can submit yourself for dozens of auditions every day. Other than that, I don’t see much of a difference.

FJA: What do you love most about New York?

Ron Tsur: The Theater. Cliché answer, but there is really nothing like going to a big Broadway show one day and a black box in the East village the next and not knowing which experience was better. And Mexican food. Definitely, Mexican food.

FJA: Do you see living in NYC as an actor a challenge?

Ron Tsur: It’s not an easy life wherever you are. When someone gets out of law school, they’re a lawyer--same with doctors, teachers etc. But no one really sees you as an actor in this city unless you were on a Broadway stage or in a TV show. What I usually do is find a project I’m truly passionate about that I either worked on or is in development, and bring that passion to the conversation. If you’re excited about what you do, other people will be too and that feeds you.

FJA: Who are your heroes?

Ron Tsur: My parents.

FJA: What are you currently involved in?

Ron Tsur: The Office of Dead Letters, a brilliant play by Heloise Wilson. Six quirky, clowny characters bring dead letters back to life. Letters that may have been lost at sea, burned by deviants, never sent, only dreamt about or ripped apart all with one thing in common: they never reached their intended. We were accepted into The New York International Fringe Festival (FringeNYC) and it’s being produced by Little y Theatre Company and Rainsworth. It’s a great opportunity and I’m pumped! Also, I’m currently in the process of having a play I wrote being given a reading. It’s being produced by WIWU, a great production company I've worked with before.

FJA: Where do you see yourself, ideally, ten years from now?

Ron Tsur: Honestly? In Book Of Mormon. Some people dream of doing Shakespeare in the Park, but I would love to be in that show. Best thing I’ve ever seen.








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