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Mercedes Benz
Spring/Fall 2015 Fashion Week
The Tents at Lincoln Center
September 7, 2014

Written by Wendy R Williams
Photographed by
Beatriz Schulze


Designer Roberto Lopez Etxeberria Backstage

Designer Roberto Lopez Etxeberria is from the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country, an independent nation inside the country of Spain. Basque Country has its own language and culture. It takes a fierce independence to be Basque/speak Basque in the world of the European Union. Basque Country is the home of the stunning Frank Gehry designed Guggenheim Bilboa - a museum with so many deconstructed twirls and turrets, it was seemingly designed by a precocious child playing with aluminum foil. It's a perfect example of the adage - to create art, first you must disband the committees.

Etxeberria's designs are similarly whacked; they fuse the masculine and the feminine to create an avant-garde world of crazy mad style. The line is created from supple leathers in a palette of earth tones with the occasional de rigueur black punctuated with a splash of red. To accent the earth tones, Etxeberria uses animal pelts, both in his designs and to create whimsical clogs. The rules are tossed: shoulders are huge and men's shorts are as full as skirts.

When your world is extraordinary, you see things differently.


  Roberto Lopez Etxeberria









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