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Casita Maria's Pachanga Committee Luncheon
Private Residence
September 18, 2015

Press Release:
Jonathan Marder + Company

Opposite Photo:
Jacqueline Weld Drake and
Liliana Cavendish

On Friday September 18, 2015, Jacqueline Weld Drake hosted Casita Maria’s Pachanga Committee at her Upper East Side home for an intimate lunch in celebration of Casita Maria’s 2015 Fiesta Gala.

Jacqueline Weld Drake

The 2015 Pachanga Chairs are: Carolina Alvarez-Mathies, Stephanie Bilet, Alexandre Leviant, and Peter Levin.

Luncheon guests included: Carolina Alvarez-Mathies, Victoria Campbell, Liliana Cavendish, Alicia Jahn, Elizabeth Jacoby, Peter Levin, José Merced Gómez Mérigo, Karina Correa Palma, Florence Peyrelongue, Gabriel Rivera-Barraza, Leslea Sardioeas, and Sabina Wirth.

Festive Table

The Pachanga Committee includes: Fabiola Arias, Camila Arria- Maury, Manuela Arria- Maury, Hayley Bloomingdale, Alexandra and Jorge Bonetti, Kate and Alexander Brodsky, Katherine Brodsky and Simone Falco, Megan and Thomas Brodsky, Victoria Campbel, Lief Anne Stiles Catlett, Kitty Chan, Adriana Cisneros and Nicholas Griffin, Mary Cunney, Jana Pasquel De Shapiro, Carolina Escobar, Charles Jacoby, Elizabeth E. Jacoby, Alicia Jahn, Berry and Steve Keller, Rachel and Aaron Kless, Kevin Kwan, Christian Leone, Karina Lepiner, Ruben Lubowski, Bame Fierro March, Jośe Merced Gómez Mérigo, Di Mondo, Karina and Pedro Palma, Gautam Patel, Coralie Charriol Paul and Dennis Paul, Florence Peyrelongue, Gabriel Rivera- Barazza, Patti Ruiz-Healy, Elizabeth Steel, Christopher Trump, Vanessa Varella, and Sabrina Wirth.  

Please be sure to make your calendar for the annual for Casita Maria Center for Arts and Education’s annual “Fiesta 2015” which will honor John Bernbach, Baz Luhrmann, and Veronique and Bob Pittman, on Tuesday, October 13 at the Plaza Hotel, 768 Fifth Avenue, New York City. As is their tradition, the gala co-chairs are Jacqueline Weld Drake, Aileen Mehle, and H. R. H. Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia.

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