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YAGP Launches First Position Club
Private Home
November 10, 2015

Opposite Photo: Darren Waterston, Tara Milne and Jonathan Marder

Photo Credit: Patrick McMullen

Judith M. Hoffman, Irene Shen, Fang Zhongjing

Tuesday, November 10, 2015, Youth America Grand Prix launched the First Position Club at the home of Caroline Hyman. Caroline's children Mac and Prue were on hand to both help with the hosting and add to the festivities. The walls of the Hyman home displayed dance themed drawings by atists such as Leon BakstAlexandre Benois, Natalia Gontcharova and even a couple Andy Warhol costume designs from The Frogs. The guests mingled, enjoying the art while they were served cocktails and hors-d'oeuvres. The guest list was from the world of dance; both dancers and patrons were on hand for the launch.

Guests gazed at the collection of over 40 theatrical design artworks, including many from Leon Baskt, Alexandre Benois, Natalia Gontcharova and even a couple Andy Warhol costume designs from The Frogs.

Caroline Hyman, Mac Hyman, Anne Dexter Jones and Sarah Stavrou

Guests included Sarah Arison, Peter Bacanovic, Barbara and Gary Brandt, Elizabeth Camp, Suzanne Dance, Beverly D'Anne, Ann Dexter-Jones, Judith M. Hoffman, Elizabeth Kurpis, Jared Longhitano, Margot and Allen London, Tara Milne, Linda Morse, Gillian Murphy, Richard Osterweil, Elizabeth Papadopolous and John Sills, Howard Paley, Emily Reifel, Joy Sabella and Konstantin Dolgitser, Sarah Stavrou, Irene and Fred Shen, George Van der Ploeg Darren Waterston, Doug Wurth, and Terry Zucker.

YAGP's Sergey Gordeev and American Ballet Theatre dancers and YAGP alumni Katie Williams, Gabe Stone Shayer, Jamie Kopit  and fellow ABT dancers Gillian Murphy and Fang Zhongjing attended. Gordeev thanked the guests for coming and spoke to the group about the First Position Club.  

Beverly D'Anne and Barbara Brandt
Doug Wurth and Sarah Arison

With the name taken from the award-winning documentary, "First Position," YAGP’s First Position Club provides members an exclusive “Behind the Scenes” view into the world of dance. Members can choose events from the YAGP Behind-the-Scenes Series where they interact and share intimate experiences with the artists, directors, educators, and other celebrated leaders of the dance community.















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