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Publicolor Honors Paula Cooper
Annual Stir, Splatter + Roll Gala
Martin Luther King, Jr. High School
Thursday, April 9, 2015

Photo Credits:
Owen Hoffman Patrick McMullan Company

Opposite Photo:
Michelle Smith



On Thursday, April 9th, 2015, Publicolor honored the visionary contemporary gallerist Paula Cooper at their annual Stir, Splatter + Roll gala. The evening included painting alongside some of our city's leading architects, artists and designers including Christo, Claes Oldenburg, Michelle Smith, Joel Shapiro, Nicole Miller, Julian Lethbridge, Madeline Weinrib, Takaaki Matsumoto, and more.

Ruth Lande Shuman, Kiona Myrie and Paula Cooper

Kelly Bales and Mandy Schmidt

Julian Lethbridge and Nicole Miller

Mark di Suvero

Barbara Slifka, Christo and Anne Bass

This high-energy fête drew 500 dynamic New Yorkers and luminaries in the worlds of business, fashion, politics, design, education, and philanthropy including Anne Bass, Sherry Bronfman, Joya Dass, Kyle DeWoody, and Stan Herman.

About Publicolor: Publicolor was founded in 1996 by Ruth Lande Shuman with the mission to counter our inner- city public schools’ alarming dropout rate by engaging young people in their education through a continuum of 5 design- based programs, academic support and teaching career readiness skills. Publicolor directly addresses two of the root causes of poverty in America: the under-education of public school students and their lack of preparedness for the workforce. Unique to Publicolor—and central to its mission—is the beautification and revitalization of public and civic spaces through the hard work of our students and the power of paint, color, design, and collaborations that engage students and the community as a whole.

All proceeds go toward Publicolor’s mission to engage disconnected students in their education, while teaching them strong and transferable work habits so they are prepared to be productive in both college and career.














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