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Womanity Foundation
Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary
Le Cirque | New York City
June 15, 2015

Written by Wendy R Williams
Photo Credit: Patrick McMullen

Opposite Photo:
Troy Wolfe and Ilze Melngailis

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” Mahatma Gandhi.

Womanity Foundation Founder Yann Borgstedt, Diana Rowan Rockefeller and
Ambassador Craig Johnstone

Swiss entrepreneur Yann Borgstedt made his fortune in the world of the internet and real estate and then in the path taken by the Bill's (Gates and Clinton), he looked at the state of the world around him and created a charity so he could make a difference - the Swiss based Womanity.

Here is the mission statement from the Womanity website: "Guided by our vision of a world where all women and men have equal and full social, economic and political participation, the Womanity Foundation undertakes to empower girls and women to shape their future and accelerate progress within their communities. Tens of thousands of girls and women benefit from the programs we presently run in Afghanistan, Brazil, India, Israel, Morocco and the Palestinian Territories."

On June 15th, Borgstedt hosted a dinner at Le Cirque to both celebrate the 10th anniversary of Womanity and to host a penal discussion:“Progressing Together: What Men Gain from Women’s Empowerment and Gender Parity.” Guest were served a dinner of spring pea risotto, pan seared salmon with fingerling potatoes, broccoli raab, and a lemon beurre blanc, and a dessert trio of molten chocolate cake, strawberry tart, and crème brûlée. Guests were also treated to a special Swiss red wine, Syrah du Valais.

Borgstedt is a witty and charming host and if he were not in the business/charity world, could easily host a nightly talk show in the style of Craig Ferguson. One of his goals for the evening was to network with other charities and share ideas on how to change mankind by investing in the women of the world. Borgstedt moderated a panel discussion with participants James Benedict (Women’s Investment Network), Ronald Bruder (Education for Employment), Ambassador Craig Johnstone (Vital Voices), Ben Rodriguez-Cubeñas (Rockefeller Brothers Fund), and Diana Rowan Rockefeller (Afghan Women Leaders CONNECT).

Womanity Executive Director Antonella Notari Vischer, Ambassador Paul Seger and
Jane Bieneman

Alexandra Seegers, Ben Rodriguez-Cubenas and Christine Dutreil

Mia Rowe, Womanity Founder Yann Borgstedt and Bryn Dorfman

Sharon Bush and Ambassador Paul Seger

Guests included: Jean-Christian Agid, Prince Faisal Al Saud, Gary Barker, Jane Bieneman, Sharon Bush, Julia Chu, Christine Dutreil, Dina Said Dwyer and Michael Dwyer, Andrea Fletcher, Tom Jones, Mirian Khiari, Ilze Melngailis, Patricia Morris, Sari Percaya, Christina Piaia, Allison Rockefeller, Jim Rosenfield, Ambassador Paul Seger, Denise Sinclair, Troy Wolfe, and many more.

More about Womanity from the press release by Jonathan Marder + Associates:

Womanity’s vision, since its founding in 2005, is of a world where all women and men have equal and full social, economic, and political participation. They aim to PROTECT women’s and girls’ physical and psychological welfare. EDUCATE by supporting girls’ and women’s access to quality education and vocational training. GIVE VOICE to women in the media to influence society, politics, and governance institutions. And ECONOMICALLY EMPOWER to create employment, revenue generation, and professional career opportunities for women.

Womanity focuses on innovation, efficacy, potential for growth or replication to generate lasting, and positive changes to women’s and girls’ roles in society.

They do this by identifying local needs, designing inventive programs that meet those needs, and by collaborating with our entrepreneurial partners to implement and scale up programs that accelerate progress for women and girls within their communities.















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