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Museum of Arts and Design
Garden Party
July 27, 2019
Private Home

Opposite Photo:
Polina Proshkina and
Di Mondo

Photo Credits: Richard Lewin






Dianne Benson, Michelle Cohen and Lys Marigold

Michele Cohen, chair of the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD), opened her East Hampton home for a garden party in honor of their new director, Chris Scoates. In a garden of blooming hydrangea by the sea, Scoates outlined his exciting vision for MAD and announced upcoming exhibitions including Vera Paints a Scarf and The World of Anna Sui. Also soon is the annual Burke Prize for artists working in the American studio craft movement, and the annual MAD Ball on November 4th. In spring 2020, MAD plans a Festival of Glass which includes shows for the stained glass artist Brian Clark and glass artist Beth Lipman. In June 2020, MAD plans an inaugural community festival including Corning Museum’s Hot SHOP. In 2021 MAD plans a reinstation of the permanent collection with the Dutch designer Joris Laarman.

Guests enjoying the garden party included MAD Trustees Jerry and Simona Chazen, Linda Plattus with her husband Seth, and Marsy Mittlemann along with Dianne Benson and Lys Marigold, Cheri Kaufman and Bill Sclight, Laurie Lambrecht, Jack Lenor Larsen and Peter Olsen, Cynthia and Jeff Manocherian, Mary Jane Marcaisano and Ralph Gibson, Polina Proshkina, Fiona Ragheb, Brandon Ross, Lee Skolnick, Agathe Snow, Terrie Sultan, and Almond Zigmund.

About Museum of Arts and Design (MAD):

The Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) explores the value of making across all fields of contemporary creative practice. The Museum focuses on the ways in which artists and designers transform the world around us, through processes ranging from the artisanal to the digital. MAD’s exhibition program is dedicated to creativity and craftsmanship, and demonstrates the limitless potential of materials and techniques when used by gifted and innovative artists. The Museum’s permanent collection is global in scope and includes art, craft, and design from 1950 to the present day. At the center of the Museum’s mission is education. The Museum houses classrooms and studios for master classes, seminars, and workshops for students, families, and adults. Three open studios engage visitors in the creative processes of artists at work and enhance the exhibition programs. Lectures, films, performances, and symposia related to the Museum’s collection and subjects across the full spectrum of making practices are held in a renovated 144-seat auditorium.















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